Mission & Vision

  • Freeing valuable talent of lower level tasks and affording them more time to spend on strategic knowledge work
  • Unlocking both increased productivity and personal satisfaction by identifying processes benefiting from improvements in standardization, automation, and work virtualization and
  • Designing and building high-value next-generation solutions incorporating on-demand labor, workflow, and machine learning technologies.

CrowdReason, LLC Team

CrowdReason’s principals are early pioneers in the development of enterprise level on-demand labor and automation solutions. Their passion for this rapidly emerging industry led to the company's formation. Today, several large corporations benefit daily from CrowdReason's technology deployments.

Carl R.E. Hoemke
Chief Executive Officer

Tax and Financial Industry Business Leader, Entrepreneur, and Labor Automation Evangelist.

Brandon Van Volkenburgh
Chief Technology Officer

Technology leader with expertise in leading edge technologies including crowdsourcing, cloud computing, big data, and machine learning.

James Henry Frazier IV
VP of Product Management

Business expert in client execution, product management, business analysis, quality assurance, and on-time delivery.

Laxmikant Parab
Senior Software Architect

Software expert developing business critical applications with cutting edge technologies and managing solution best practices and standards.