Our Products and Services

Property Tax Software

Built by tax professionals for tax professionals, our suite of products will help you handle and process your property tax needs through the entire tax cycle.

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Data Acquisition Services

With our expert coordination of on-demand resources, machine learning, and other data collection tools, you can affordably get the data you want and when you want.

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Who We Are

We create stakeholder value by tackling challenging business problems with innovative industry specific technology solutions focusing on empowering people and leveraging next generation work solutions.


The value of any organization is the effectiveness of its people. Our mission is identifying solutions to improve the value of individuals within the organization so both can grow.


Technology is outpacing traditional work solutions and we unlock value by transforming processes benefiting from work virtualization and automation.


We build high-value next-generation work solutions by converting traditional work into virtualized hyper-specialized tasks leveraging on-demand workers, and machine learning technologies.

Key Benefits using our
Products & Services

Work Smarter

Uniquely designed for ease of use and reducing exception workarounds regardless of your industry.

Expert Solutions

We leverage industry leading experts to develop, deploy, and support our solutions.

Applications for Today

Our applications are frequently updated to ensure continuous improvement to your operational efficiency.

Relationship Driven

Our service does not end when an application is deployed –it’s only the beginning of our relationship.


We work constantly to ensure your CrowdReason experience is so compelling you brag about us to all of your industry friends!

Vetted Products

Our products are vetted in real-life operations for a minimum of one-year prior to promoting to production status.

About CrowdReason

CrowdReason’s principals are early pioneers in the development of enterprise level on-demand labor and automation solutions. Their passion for this rapidly emerging industry led to the company's formation. Today, several large corporations benefit daily from CrowdReason's technology deployments.

Our solutions advance the value of its users by creating opportunities to focus on more strategic work.

We tailor our applications for your unique needs including requirements around security, regulatory, confidentiality, and proprietary.

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