Having challenges managing high-volume / time-sensitive property tax documents? MetaTaskerPT accurately extracts all available strategic content from scanned documents, locates related system records, and instantly updates your system!

Key Benefits

Rapid Response
Average Document Turnaround time for machined and human verified data is less than 24 hours. This turnaround time beats even the top paper invoice systems as per a recent accounts payable efficiency study (see pg. 8).
Highly Accurate
Using confidence thresholds, triple checking certain data, cross checking data with various sources, and passing results through custom data validation rules, we achieve greater than 99% accuracy.
Full Service Data Extraction
Although MT comes with a set of standard extracted fields, clients can request additional data points for each document type.
Unbeatable Affordability
Our process and technology drastically reduces document processing costs and you only pay for what you use!
Supports Every Tax Jurisdiction in North America
MT's integration with our proprietary Information Management System allows for cross validation and data verification across over 20,000 tax jurisdictions.
Developed by Property Tax Technology Experts
We understand the exception based rules governing property tax and have created tailored solutions meeting your specific needs.

A simple workflow with
trusted results

01 Step

Scan & Upload your property tax documents via our web-based interface.

02 Step

MetaTasker uses the latest advancements in machine learning to prepare your image, convert the image to readable text and extract strategic content. Data requiring additional interpretation and validation is completed with trained and trusted crowd workers to ensure high accuracy.

03 Step

Data is analyzed and validated with established business rules and a taxing jurisdiction database prior to importing data into your enterprise system while providing an error report and work queue for documents requiring expert validation.

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