Property Tax Compliance - Where Exceptions are the Rule!

From filing a return to ultimately paying a bill, the property tax cycle involves an overwhelming amount of paper, tight deadlines, and other organizational and financial risks resulting in penalties and stress.

We understand this challenge and have designed, built, and deployed property tax software solving this problem.

Helping you avoid...

  • Costly data errors
  • Putting personal life on hold due to workload
  • Wasting time reconciling jurisdictional data
  • Managing a paper file system
  • Recreating the wheel every year

While allowing you...

  • Automation of formerly manual efforts
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Increased time for strategic work
  • Collaboration with your team
  • Access peer level support

We’ve got you covered


MetaTaskerPT (“MT”) is a breakthrough product providing data extraction for Property Tax documents allowing you to benefit from lower cost, higher quality, and reduced time spent on manual data extraction efforts.

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Cost Effective

Cost is significantly less than traditional extraction methods


Data accuracy exceeds 99% - we won’t stop improving until we hit 100%


Human vetted data is usually provided in 24 hours or less


20,000 on-demand trusted workers completing 2 Million tasks to date and growing


We transmit our data using strict security protocols


One-half billion dollars in tax bills processed to date and counting


Automatically import data into your enterprise systems


Built by property tax experts for property tax experts


TotalPropertyTax (“TPT”) is the most technologically advanced user-centric cloud-based Property Tax software available on the market, providing clients with rapid insight for decision making throughout the property tax cycle.

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In operation with multiple industries and clients for over 5 tax seasons, managing billions of dollars in tax liability.

Property Tax ERP

Collect, store, manage, and interpret data from property tax business activities i.e. document management, scheduling, appeal analytics and management, and payments.

Data Rich

Contains up to date information on over 20,000 tax jurisdictions sourced from years of data collections --instantly updated with MetaTaskerPT integration.


Providing insight across all facets of the property tax cycle giving the user comprehensive information to make intelligent value creating decisions.