Intuitive, well vetted, and industry diverse Property Tax software - TPT provides users with rich decision making insight throughout the entire property tax cycle.

Do More

Eliminate Penalties
Quickly identify missing notices or bills with system maintained jurisdictional deadlines.
Identify More Assessment Reduction Opportunities
Property value data is closely integrated across compliance, assessments and bills, providing a full picture of your property’s tax activity, allowing you to review and protest valuation differences.
Optimize Cash Flow
Take advantage of installments and discounts when combined with our tax bill data.
Improve Budgeting Accuracy
Utilize the integrated budgeting tool that captures historical tax information, tax rates, and effective CAPEX to forecast estimated taxes.
See the Bigger Picture with Integrated Reporting
Make use of key reports that provide quick access to deadlines & values to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Custom reports can be provided easily.

With Less

Reduce Multiple Systems
Stop passing around spreadsheets and files. All your property data and documents are securely stored in one application. There is nothing to install, all you need is a login and you are ready to go!
Reduce Information Gathering Burden
Our information management gathering strategy verifies mailing addresses, key deadlines and depreciation tables annually.
Reduce Asset Maintenance Time
Whether you have fixed or distributed assets, TPT allows you to quickly import / distribute / roll forward, classify, dispose, and transfer your assets.
Reduce Returns Filing Time.
Our one-click form generation populates all your asset data on the state or local form including custom attachments.
Reduce Time Spent on Managing Data.
With our easy to use import tool you can quickly import or update data with a click of a button. Our support staff is always available to help with data cleansing, at no additional cost.

Key Features

Jurisdictional Data

Never miss a deadline again! TPT has detailed information on over 20,000 Assessing and Collecting Jurisdictions validated annually so no need to research due dates, mailing addresses, depreciation tables, etc.

Prepare & File Returns

Maintaining, classifying, and depreciating assets requires a large time commitment; not to mention all the time spent filling out those return forms. TPT's user centric design reduces many pain points allowing its users to quickly depreciate assets using county sourced or user custom schedules, that also map to over 100 State & Local return forms, in minutes. What will you do with all that extra time?

Manage Assessments

Do you find yourself spending more time tracking down assessments instead of evaluating possible appeal opportunities? TPT provides a quick and efficient process to manage all your assessment notice & appeal needs. Don’t let the Assessor win! With TPT, you get time back to properly evaluate your appraisals and reduce your tax burden.

Process Bills

TPT tracks all your bills, from missing to final approval. Users can easily find bills with upcoming due dates to review and approve along with the actual tax bill image. Dependent upon your needs, TPT can integrate with your current AP system for check writing and also provides valuable information to easily pay the collecting jurisdiction.

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